The Triple Helix Model of Innovation

By fido | August 13, 2019
An astounding 50-80% of the discretionary spend on developing the next set of products and services fails to drive meaningful revenue, much less an attractive ROI.   We have found that most companies dedicate considerable resources to innovation but do so in a way disconnected from their strategic imperatives and without a keen eye on driving revenue and profit impact.  As a result, corporate leaders fail to prioritize innovation properly as they do not see meaningful results from the spend.

Many companies find diagnosing, correcting and managing innovation in their organizations is difficult because it encompasses three distinct processes. From our research and time spent managing innovation in a wide range of companies, we have developed the Triple Helix Model of Innovation(TM), a straightforward framework and process for assessing and managing innovation.

We believe that through effective management of innovation companies can optimize three critical levers of the P&L:

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